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2018 August 17

UX and Digital for Hotels - Meet Users Needs with Experience Design

Following our introduction to UX for hotels, we look at the wider experience design to help acquire and retain your users.

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2018 August 15

UX and Digital for Hotels - Introduction

Consumers now possess more bargaining power than ever. It is critical for companies to actively interact with consumers in order to stay competitive. In this series of articles, we look at the current UX and digital trends for the hotel industry.

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2018 August 15

Fluxus Experts: Dana Blouin on IoT adoption

Watch Fluxus IoT and Smart City expert Dana Blouin talk about the consumer-led face of IoT adoption

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2018 August 14

Applications of Drupal

This is the fourth article in our introduction to enterprise Drupal. Previously we've looked at enterprise Drupal, an executive summary of Drupal, and taken a deeper dive into how Drupal's flexibility has allowed it to be used in very diverse contexts.

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2018 August 12

So... What is Drupal?

Following our look at what makes Drupal a fit for enterprise, and our overview of Drupal, we can now dig a little deeper....

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2018 August 10

What is Drupal? ...An Executive Summary

Following on from seeing what makes Drupal a good fit for enterprise we look a bit more at its general shape to help technical and business decision makers...

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2018 August 01

What is "Enterprise Drupal"?

The use of Drupal in enterprise settings tends to be quite different to its standard use. First it helps to understand what is meant by enterprise in this context...

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2018 June 21

Fluxus experts: What is digital transformation?

Discover the real meaning of Digital Transformation with Fluxus CEO Django Beatty. Beyond the buzzword, what does "Digital Transformation" means as it applies to organisations and how does it impact your business?

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