Enterprise Architects Guide To Drupal - What’s in the Box

In the previous parts of this series we learned about Drupal from a conceptual level, now let's take a look at its components and code.
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Enterprise Architects Guide To Drupal - Aspects of Drupal

In this second part of our guide to Drupal for enterprise architects, we take a deeper dive into programming style and some aspects which cut across the system.

An Enterprise Architects Guide To Drupal - Part 1

In this series we will attempt to answer questions that enterprise architects often ask, such as: Where does Drupal store content? Where does Drupal store configuration? What is the data schema like?

Digital Strategy: Reach Asia’s Digital Audience with LINE

The LINE mobile platform is ubiquitous in many Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Fluxus can help you with business app development and integrating your systems with LINE's many features.

Agile Project Management: Sprints, marathons and root canals

In this short extract from a longer article, Gojko Adzic discusses a tricky issue that often comes up - how to manage tech debt and 'technical stories' and how to create time for this work in agile user-centred deliveries.

UX and Digital for Hotels - Customer Experience and F&B Trends

In the final part of our introduction to UX for hotel websites and mobile, we look at customer experience and F&B industry trends.

Agile Transformation: Focus, A Lean Delivery Workflow - Delivery

Our ways of working are based on our experience at Fluxus, but are always open to improvement and we share them here. In the second of this two-part series we look at delivery and learning.

UX and Digital for Hotels - Mobile and Image Design Considerations

Following our introduction to UX for hotels and starting to understand user behaviour, we look at use of mobile and images in your hotel website.

Digital Transformation Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

In this series we look at obstacles to digital transformation and how to solve them. In the first part we outline these common blockers.