Fluxus is a specialised consultancy providing industry-leading professional services for enterprise Drupal projects.

Professional expertise

Fluxus is founded on high professional standards, backed by experience. Our engineering and program management have worked on many large-scale and highly demanding projects, and have the benefit of years of experience and exposure to the real-world challenges of building successful websites for enterprise users.

Value-driven delivery

Well-engineered code is only ever half the battle. Fluxus works in an agile way to ensure that your business goals are at the centre of what we do. Our team has seen the good and the bad of modern software development and we know how to focus on what works. We make sure that our work is visible to you, and the value chain from business goals to code delivered is explicit.

User Experience

The experience of the people using your site are paramount to your success, and we will work with you to ensure that the experience is the best possible. We treat Drupal as a digital experience platform which should provide excellent experiences across web, mobile and beyond.


We've seen it all: complex migrations, multi-platform integration, service-oriented architectures and rigorous high-availability and performance criteria. Our engineering team doesn't just follow best practice, we create it too.

Case studies

Our consultants have worked on some of the largest Drupal migrations and upgrades