29 Mar

    Performance Marketing - Fluxus Experts

    • By Gareth Davies

    What is performance marketing?

    Performance marketing is a way of putting the advertisers back in control. Rather than cost per impression, you pay per action. That might be a click, the filling in of a lead form completion, or a certain action on the website.

    What is the benefit of performance marketing?

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    09 Feb

    What is 'the blockchain' really?

    • By Rob Knight

    New technologies change the world around us. They do this by obsoleting older technologies and replacing them, or by enabling novel new products, services and systems.

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    25 Jan

    Using Impact Maps to increase e-commerce basket size

    • By Rob Knight

    In this post, we’ll look at how an e-commerce store can increase revenue by increasing the basket size - the number and value of items purchased in a single transaction. We’ll use impact mapping, a key part of the Focus Method, to work out how to do this.

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    28 Nov

    An introduction to impact mapping

    • By Rob Knight

    Only 39% of projects succeed. That means more than half fail to deliver on time, budget and full specification. So what can you do to make sure your next project ranks among the triumphant?

    At Fluxus we use impact maps. These are diagrams, like the one shown below, that help us visualise our plan for the project, keep our work on track and make sure everything we do adds real value.

    An example impact map

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    13 Jun

    How to roll out a site migration

    • By Rob Knight

    One of the regular challenges for content-managed websites is how to manage the rollout of a new version of your site. I’ve worked on several large-scale web migration projects, and have identified a few key patterns that provide different trade-offs in terms of time to market, predictability and effectiveness.

    In this article, we'll look at the following approaches:

    • The Big Bang
    • Salami slice
    • Mirror World
    • Selective Beta

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    26 Sep

    Drupal's evolution in enterprise

    • By Django Beatty

    Today, Drupal has grown into a highly flexible application framework, with growing adoption in enterprise across a very broad set of use cases - from simple publishing to complex applications. As Drupal’s functionality has grown over the years it is now more easily understood as a framework for assembling digital experiences.

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    18 Sep

    Lean, waste, and golf

    • By Rob Knight

    One of the key principles of “lean” philosophy is that we should minimise waste. However, when following lean principles in software development, it can be possible to interpret “minimise waste” somewhat too literally. In particular, it can become easy to believe that writing code is wasteful unless you’re absolutely sure it’s going to be used without further refactoring being required. After all, why write something that’s going to have to change later?

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